Derraa Al Rumaila has the distinct advantage of being a native security services provider in Iraq, where we have developed and honed successful and beneficial relations with local communities across the regions where our security operations are conducted.

We offer complete Turnkey security and logistical solutions to our clients, we will plan, design, construct and deliver a secure site with remote/basic life support enabling our clients to deliver their business activities from a safe and comfortable environment.

We have the knowledge and expertise to adopt an approach to security operations which are strategically planned, intelligence led, assessed and analysed in conjunction with our in-depth understanding of ground related threats, geopolitical change and local atmospherics. A proven strategic methodology critical to providing the highest levels of security services to our Clients in the areas of which they conduct their business activities.

We offer complete assurance of strict compliance with industry related laws, rules and regulations of the Iraqi government, and regulatory compliance with other competent bodies having jurisdiction over the services we provide.

Dedicated regional 24/7 operational support allowing unhindered movement.

A wealth of experience of delivering tailored bespoke cost-effective secure solutions.

Customised training packages for local and expat personnel, specifically designed to meet Industry standards and or Clients specific requirements, with assurance that only highly trained, current and competent staff are employed.

Expertise in supplying large scale security teams configured to meet Client demands.

Our regional footprint in Iraq brings the benefit of responsive additional security capabilities, such as risk assessments, training, technical/systems integration, dispute resolution and crisis management.

Innovative and proven technologies to support key issues for security, incident management and Health, Safety, Security and Environment requirements.
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