We will provide the full suite of support services which enable our client’s business activities to continue unhindered, including physical security, life support, logistics & resource procurement, fleet, IT&COMM’S, training, site and infrastructure design and construction.

Logistics Support

We provide an integrated and hands on approach to supply chain management and logistical support services, by combining strategy, planning and management with excellent operational execution, we analyse, design, implement, manage and deliver cost effective and efficient logistical services, ensuring our clients are left free to focus on their operations while we take care of the due diligence, procurement and delivery of products and services.

Derraa Al Rumaila have an extensive list of contractors, local and international suppliers all of which have proven performance in delivering a wide range of logistical services, including material, equipment, fleet and life support. Derraa Al Rumaila pride ourselves on continuing to provide our professional and reliable logistics service to our clients on a daily basis, ensuring your operations continue unhindered helping to streamline and grow your business.


Basic/Remote Life Support

Derraa Al Rumaila will deliver fully integrated and bespoke life support systems across any region of Iraq. Dependent upon the requirements of our client, we can provide chefs who will prepare and serve western fare and or local national menus, daily cleaning and laundry services, mobile phone packages, internet, satellite TV and fully equipped gymnasium/CV suites. We can if required provide local national fixers to attend to your life support needs and requirements.

Vehicle Rental and Lease

Derraa al Rumaila can provide the below list of soft skin vehicles and heavy construction vehicles for rental or leasing services, if required we can provide qualified and competent drivers, operators and banksman.

Land Cruisers                                      Toyota Hiace
Toyota Coaster                                    Bus/Coach
Flatbed Trucks                                   • Forklifts
Cranes 25tonne – 50tonne                Cherry Pickers
Front End Loaders                            Excavators
Dump Trucks                                      Graders


Intelligence Services

Derraa Al Rumaila’s intelligence network is robust, reliable and has extensive reach, thus allowing Derraa Al Rumaila to continuously and effectively evaluate and assess both extant and newly reported threats, implementing effective risk control measures in order to mitigate the identified threat and associated risks. Derraa Al Rumaila will strategically plan and implement effective operational changes, affording resilience and the enviable ability to proactively take the pre-emptive actions to negate ever changing threats, allowing our clients to continue you operations within a safe and controlled environment us to adapt rapidly to the constant changing threat environment.

Derraa Al Rumaila will provide Clients with a holistic intelligence and risk management analysis capability, including the evaluation of current and past incidents used to identify trends and patterns across risk vectors. This capacity is facilitated by our partnership with Aldebaran for sophisticated intelligence and incident tracking. Our network and analysis providing accurate and timely value in support of your project and operational requirements.

We can provide you with a focussed Security Operating Picture, graphically presented, with geographically based historical incident analysis and trend projections. This can be tailored specifically to the area of operational interest for the Client. Our daily reports provide an aid to risk decision making, helping to safely enable your operations and ensure the safety of your people.

In addition and in support of the intelligence streams gathered by our International standard Intelligence provider, Derraa Al Rumaila will reach out and gather intelligence via our extensive Iraq networks within the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Transport, Military and Police sources as well as our employees. Derraa Al Rumaila will provide accurate and up-to-date situational awareness reporting. These reports are geographically specific to Iraq, including threat analysis of the specific project areas as requested by the Client.


Mr. Raad Diwan ( CLCO )
Email: clco@derra-iq.com, operations@derra-iq.com
Phone # +964 790 162 2362 | +964 780 210 7000