We understand the importance of and the need to deliver a security solution with minimal disruption to our client’s business activities. As a local national company, we feel we are best placed to assess and mitigate the challenges our client’s may potentially encounter here in Iraq and therefore we offer you total assurance.

With years of experience, extensive resources and expertise, we offer bespoke Turnkey solutions. We have adopted an “Out of the box” and hands on approach where we offer you total assurance that all of your security needs will be met, having planned, designed, customised and implemented your tailored security requirements prior to you and or your team arriving in country and or deploying to the site and maintaining those security needs thereafter.

Derraa Al Rumaila will assist with your VISA applications, provide a meet and greet service upon arrival at either Basra or Baghdad airport hubs, provide secure accommodation that meets industry standards, provide Basic Life Support, Static Guarding and PSD mobile services. Additionally, we can provide procurement services, logistical support, (plumbing, electric and carpentry services) fleet servicing/maintenance and IT support as and when required.

We have the resources and capability to plan, design, construct and secure a bespoke site of your choosing anywhere in Iraq. Dependent upon the location and site itself we can provide the full spectrum of security provision meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Dependent on the location of the site, the following can be provided if required; ditch berm fence, double skinned perimeter security wall with re-bar, anti-climb fencing, security lighting, internal and external emergency lighting, entry control point, drop arm barriers, chicane providing standoff, manual or electronic main and emergency access/egress gates. We can also provide CCTV suite, operations room, security towers, external hardened cover, secure steal window cages and security doors with drop bars, internal lockable stairwell cages, citadel, fuel pods and bunding, generators with automatic transfer switch (ATS) from national grid if available at location.

Derraa Al Rumaila can also deliver Internal site infrastructure volume dependent, single of multiple occupancy Container Housing Units CHU), secure single or multiple occupancy accommodation options, dining facility and kitchen, offices, gymnasium, clinic, conference room, operations room, operations/control room. Each site will be individually assessed, in collaboration and consultation with the client allowing mutual planning, defining the security provision requirements.

Mr. Raad Diwan ( CLCO )
Email: clco@derra-iq.com, operations@derra-iq.com
Phone # +964 790 162 2362 | +964 780 210 7000