At Derraa Al Rumaila, we have adopted a set of core values inspired and developed from the heart of the Iraqi culture which are at the very foundation of our continuous success and distinct company characteristics, these core values enable Derraa Al Rumaila to stand out from our local national competitors.


Our Business Ethics embody our personal values of honesty, transparency and responsibility. Continuous compliance to our Business Ethics and core values have allowed us to build respectful and strong relationships with our clients and associates.  Derraa Al Rumaila’s reputation is personified by our integrity, as a business entity within the security industry in Iraq which is recognised by our clients, government bodies and our local and international competitors.

Continuous Improvement

In a world of constant change and technological innovation, Derraa Al Rumaila believe that adapting to change is a basic component of successful growth and evolution within a highly competitive market and therefore we are constantly looking for that leading edge, that competitive edge that stands us out from the rest.  We continue to analyse and learn from our success and failures; we believe continuous improvement brings service excellence.

We promise to deliver best quality services to each client, on every project, at every opportunity.  We remain committed to achieving service excellence, by recruiting high calibre talent, maintaining industry standards and implementing efficient business practices.  A mindset and approach that epitomises our continuous commitment towards delivering safe and secure high-end services.

Our People

At Derraa Al Rumaila we believe our people are our number one asset, we choose only the best people, our people exceed industry standards. Our International and National staff undergo strict recruitment process and procedures, our people are highly trained and highly valued!  At Derraa Al Rumaila we strongly believe that only by investing in our people both personally and professionally, we can assure our clients that they are in capable and safe hands.
Mr. Raad Diwan ( CLCO )
Phone # +964 790 162 2362 | +964 780 210 7000