Providing all aspects of your security requirements whilst working and or operating in Iraq, arrivals procedures, induction briefs, hostile environment training, client protocol liaison, risk assessments, intelligence analysis, static site guarding, mobile PSD services, site reconnaissance, site construction and site development, we will cater for your security needs.

Derraa Al Rumaila can provide full security systems and installation and access control solutions including installation of CCTV suites in remote sites and support to contracts awarded across Iraq.

Our integrated security offerings provide clients with robust and cost-effective solutions to complex security problems and includes the following:

Risk assessments and mitigation
Security systems selection
Solution design and implementation
Data centres and control room solutions
Systems installations and maintenance

Derraa Al Rumaila’s Security installations support and is fully integrated with physical, mobile and static security to offer a layered security solution as per Client requirement.
Mr. Raad Diwan ( CLCO )
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