About Us

Derraa Al Rumaila is a leading supplier of security services and complete turnkey security/logistical solutions. We are a 100% Iraqi owned security company, fully licensed to operate within the Iraq private security industry, we have a strong and proven history of providing security services in Iraq, evolving to the needs of the customer in an environment that has an ever-changing threat.

Since our operations began in 2003, we have been committed to helping our clients operate and deliver their business activities, solving their problems and challenges in a post-conflict and complex environment.

We maintain service delivery excellence, delivering the highest quality, value-based security services to a diverse range of clients, including the Oil & Gas, NGO’s, Construction and Engineering companies as well as Government sectors.

As a local national Private Security Company, we offer integrated and uniquely tailored security solutions based on our experience and understanding of regional and community risks via a tried and tested network of local and international intelligence sources assessed in conjunction with geopolitical factors and influences.

We support national and international companies on their journey, bringing a depth of experience, knowledge to our partnerships, whilst remaining at all times compliant with industry best practices and international standards (International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) for Private Security Companies and fully comply to International Security Network (ISN).

Email: clco@derra-iq.com, operations@derra-iq.com
Phone # +964 773 333 3006 | +964  781 444 0004