We manage the risks, so you do not have to; by providing a broad spectrum of physical security measures that are tailored and designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.  Our security measures meet the core principles of physical security, measures that deter and provide early detection of potential attackers and or intruders, delaying and denying unauthorised access to facilities, equipment and resources.  Providing the ability to respond to accordingly and appropriately to potential or known threats and timely and detailed reporting.

Our physical security measures are designed to incorporate multiple layers of interdependent yet overlapping physical security systems that can include, security guards, security towers, entry control points, protective barriers, entry control points, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, deterrent systems, fire protection, and other systems designed to protect persons and property.

Static Security (Armed and Unarmed)

Derraa Al Rumaila have extensive security experience managing protective guarding and security operations in post-conflict environment for large organisations, government and multinational corporations. Our static security services protect and safeguard our Clients, their personnel, assets, property, and intellectual property across Iraq.

Our Static Security solutions aim to protect people, information, and assets from compromise or harm and includes the integration of physical, technical and man guarding to ensure we provide layered protective measures that detect unauthorized access or threats at a distance, delay an unauthorized access attempt, deter potential threats individuals or groups and defeat assailants.

Our capability to deliver expert security solutions to secure and protect complex facilities in challenging locations for our diverse client base is unparalleled in Iraq.  We offer bespoke security solutions that enhance the security of infrastructure, facilities, locations and employees, without disrupting the existing operational activities of our Clients.

Based around an in-depth understanding of the environment and requirements of our clients, Derraa Al Rumaila plans, designs and delivers secure solutions that ensure the safety of our clients, sites and assets. Offering a combination of industry best practices, enhanced by utilising the security experts, who are highly trained aided by modern technical security measures, in order to maintain a secure and safe operational environment.  Our security professionals have a comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements for each project and the security industry as a whole, which reflects in our service delivery and satisfied clients.

We deploy fully licensed professional security guards essential to effectively and efficiently secure site perimeters, checkpoints, entrances, access points and the site grounds. Derraa Al Rumaila security personnel are highly trained and skilled, holding local knowledge and expertise that covers all aspects of commercial site and infrastructure security, inclusive of related laws and regulations, health and safety, fire safety, emergency procedures, security patrolling and searching, access control and technical security systems, as well as possessing excellent communication, reporting and accurate record-keeping skills. All this is done whilst maintaining compliance to industry standards and best practices.


Mobile (PSD) Security

Derraa Al Rumaila provide mobile security services to safeguard personnel, facilities, critical infrastructure, and other valuable assets for our clients, across many sectors conducting business within Iraq, including O&G, government, commercial and non-governmental customers.
We have provided PSD services using B6 armoured vehicles across Iraq for over a decade, providing cost-effective customised security services to international and local companies alike.

Derraa Al Rumaila deploys the highest quality PSD operators including local and expatriate team members, the configuration of which is dependent upon our clients’ needs and requirements. Our Iraqi workforce has been carefully screened, vetted and trained the result is a cost-efficient yet operationally effective hybrid PSD teams. Derraa Al Rumaila has an extensive fleet of B6 armoured vehicles and is available to be deployed based on Client requirements in any region of Iraq.

All our PSD operators have undergone the Derraa Al Rumaila Close Protection course and will have 5-years’ experience working as a PSD operator within Iraq.


K9 Security

Derra Al Rumaila have partnered with a local national K9 security provider, as part of our thorough and all-encompassing tailored security solutions we can supply K9 teams to enhance the security provision of any site, our K9 teams will actively deny, deter, detect and or delay intruders and terrorist related incidents, the K9 teams primary role is to protect infrastructure, personnel, and assets. Derraa Al Rumaila offer turn-key K9 solutions, with Explosive Detection Dogs and guarding/patrol K9 teams supported by our integrated project management teams who supplement our clients’ needs and requirements in high risk and complex environments across Iraq. Our K9 Teams comprise of Skillfully trained K9s and K9 Handlers specialising in detection and guarding of infrastructure, personnel and assets, our K9 teams are experienced in risk mitigation within high-threat environments.


High Value Asset Protection (HVAP)

We aim to deliver unique and specific HVAP solutions through accessing knowledge and expertise from high calibre security professionals, stakeholders and our intelligence network. This combined approach enables us to deliver a service of excellence, producing bespoke HVAP security solutions which encompass our company core values. This service provision requires innovative leading edge planning, continuous improvement and development due to heightened levels of associated crime across Iraq. We aim to consistently raise standards negating known and associated risks. We achieve this through building long standing relationships, working collaboratively with transparency. We apply proven strategies, robust management, the latest security technology and a team of expert personnel to mitigate any potential risk, ensuring our plans are resilient in the face of adversity.

We offer tailor made HVAP services, comprising of a comprehensive risk assessment, contingency planning, physical protection during transportation and delivery, asset tracking systems, security systems, surveillance, live intelligence reports, armoured and soft skin assets, highly skilled and experienced armed operators, supported by our regional operations room and our company management team who deliver excellence with pride and passion to our clients.

We provide full-service bespoke systems based on specific client requirements, this approach enables us to drive cost efficiencies that benefit our clients.


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